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Quinta x Retail Connect a Winning combination

Leading DACH distributor, Quinta, will be joining the upcoming Retail Connect to explore the addition of new vendors to strengthen their portfolio. Quinta is a distributor of innovative new technology and has been in the business for 15 years.

Matthias Pohl, Sales Director at Quinta added, “While some of our vendors with niche products suffered a decline as a result of the pandemic, we found that demand was strongly focussed on very selected areas like home offices, gaming etc. We are looking to widen the portfolio in those areas including air quality and PC accessories.”

"We really enjoyed the 1st edition."

Quinta have had meaningful discussions from the first Retail Connect event and are in the process of signing on a new vendor they “met” at the event.

“We were at the first Retail Connect event and were a bit skeptical at first but found it efficient and a great alternative to regular exhibitions,” Pohl added. “We will definitely join this upcoming event in March and look forward to attending all the future events too. I hope to find inspiring new ideas and product concepts for us to market in the DACH region.”

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