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Ukrainian VAD, ERC to explore new vendor relationships at Retail Connect

ERC has confirmed that it will be attending the second Retail Connect scheduled for 2-4 March 2021 to explore new partnership for their business, focusing on key segments of consumer electronics including gaming, computer electronics infrastructure solutions, home appliances, children and teen-related products.

The covid-19 crisis has forced all industries and markets to rethink about the way they run their business. As most businesses in Europe still work under lockdown and remote conditions, ERC focused on key partnerships and new segments to help pivot the business to stay strong.

In a statement, Volodymyr Kostenko, CEO at ERC, pointed out that while last year was challenging, the company quickly adopted distance and remote working options for their team and their partners.

He added, “We had to quickly react to changing demands, switching from category to category, adopting new ones amid lockdown and quarantine restrictions. Market demands and logic helped us to understand what kind of products and solutions and found that, appliances for the home like irons and projectors were not as much in demand as network equipment, notebooks, UV disinfectors that were in high demand.”

ERC continues to evaluate and will be exploring new products and product ranges that match the changing consumer demands at the upcoming Retail Connect.

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